NaNo 2020 is Over!

NaNoWriMo is officially over and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on it. The struggle was… well, just that. Much like every year, I started out strong and encountered various fluctuations in my writing patterns but, unlike years past, I didn’t give up. Now that the month is over, I can look back and feel a great sense of accomplishment.

While I didn’t hit 50k words, I developed writing habits that I’ve been striving to achieve for years, and in terms of the project itself, it is leaps and bounds ahead of where I expected it to be at this point in the process. I am walking away from this NaNo feeling excited and energized instead of tired and defeated.

My words of advice: no matter what word count you ended up at this year, remember that you wrote! You did it! That is the whole point and I applaud you. Happy writing and I celebrate your future writing endeavors 😊

Published by Chris Kauzlarich

I am an author and freelancer, creating stories and pushing forward my passion for spending my life working with the written word. I have been writing since my high school days to adulthood, moved over the years by my peers and the prose of the greats. Besides writing (and reading a lot) I spend my time being a dad to a beautiful little human that is growing too fast (along with parenting a few pet animals), a husband, and an avid traveler to the wilderness. I graduated from Purdue University and I live near Chicago, IL.

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