“Fleeting Whisper”

Our democracy is a delicate thing and we watched it get tested like never before this week. I hope to never see something like that happen in the United States again and while processing it, I turned to writing, like I do in most instances. My musings led to the following:


A single tear. That’s all she had to shed; a salty pool welling over time that finally released. Her glory, shining and splendorous, eroding, the foundation cracking and chipping away. Could it hold?

Her torch flickered, the light blocked from reaching her people, the fog of deception swirling around them in a miasmic cyclone of rhetoric and hate.

What had she done to lose her flock? Could she reach them?

Pangs of violence struck her, knocking the wind from her lungs and muffling her calls of reason. 

Her temple was being defiled. She lived on faith and trust, a fleeting tribute that could no longer be sustained. 

Was this the end?

The ground shook as she fell to her knees, the reverberations of the flash bangs rocking her home that she swore to protect.

Crying out, her torch fell from her hand, spinning toward the tinder that had already begun to light. She tried to grasp it, her tangibility slipping.

Her name is Liberty. Who will help save her?

Published by Chris Kauzlarich

I am an author and freelancer, creating stories and pushing forward my passion for spending my life working with the written word. I have been writing since my high school days to adulthood, moved over the years by my peers and the prose of the greats. Besides writing (and reading a lot) I spend my time being a dad to a beautiful little human that is growing too fast (along with parenting a few pet animals), a husband, and an avid traveler to the wilderness. I graduated from Purdue University and I live near Chicago, IL.

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