Unforeseen Hiatus

Writing seems to exist in a predictable pattern for me, even when unintended. A burst of inspiration inevitably leads to a hiatus after I cross the halfway point with my work and alas, it occurred again.

I haven’t posted in any of my spaces since May and for good reason, seeing as the income side of my life that allows me to pursue this passion (with the goal of being a full time writer one day) had a change. And while this change was positive both for my happiness and my earnings, it required an absolute focus that took me away from my creative exploits for a time.

So while this pushed back some of my story and publishing deadlines it didn’t derail me for good. I’m still here and this weekend I sat down and wrote for the first time in almost two months; it was a spectacular ‘coming home’ moment and more will be coming from me again soon. I have to re-find my flow and adjust my writing-life schedule to my work-life once again but us writers are a resilient people who will make whatever adjustments necessary to do what we love.

See you soon and happy writing!


Published by Chris Kauzlarich

I am an author and freelancer, creating stories and pushing forward my passion for spending my life working with the written word. I have been writing since my high school days to adulthood, moved over the years by my peers and the prose of the greats. Besides writing (and reading a lot) I spend my time being a dad to a beautiful little human that is growing too fast (along with parenting a few pet animals), a husband, and an avid traveler to the wilderness. I graduated from Purdue University and I live near Chicago, IL.

One thought on “Unforeseen Hiatus

  1. Yeah, we all have our hiatuses from time to time, and hopefully this time it sticks. Writing is weird in that it always feels unnecessary, but in truth, maintaining the practice does so much more for us than we think it does. Wishing you all the best!

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