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I’m Chris Kauzlarich and thank you for making your way over to my website and blog! As a storyteller, I need a place to share what I’m crafting and keep me on target. So here it is: my Home Base. This is the place where I will share updates, my thoughts, excerpts, and project status, as well as act as a main hub to find what else I have going on out there in the world.

As of now, I am working diligently to complete the rewrite of my first full length short story collection as well as get my book reviewing and freelance gigs off the ground. Like any journey, I have had my ups and downs and have had to alter my goal numerous times but feel confident in the work I will be able to get done in 2023. Thank you again for your support and keep coming back for my blog (and maybe a podcast!).

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Living my Life Deep in Revisions

Lately, revisions have been absorbing all of my time. The endless striking out of sentences, the restructuring of paragraphs, the filling of plot holes… ah, the writer’s life. While I’ve talked about my dislike of this process, the joy I feel as I reread my work that has felt the stroke of my red pen…

Book Review: Madly, Deeply- The Diaries of Alan Rickman

Madly, Deeply is exactly what the title states it is, the diaries of Alan Rickman. Any broader narrative shouldn’t be expected. As a fan of Alan, I was very interested in reading this book and ultimately am glad I picked it up but don’t think this is something I would recommend more broadly. This is…

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