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I’m Chris Kauzlarich and thank you for making your way over to my website and blog! As a storyteller, I need a place to share what I’m crafting and keep me on target. So here it is: my Home Base. This is the place where I will share updates, my thoughts, excerpts, and project status, as well as act as a main hub to find what else I have going on out there in the world.

As of now, I am working diligently to complete the rewrite of my first full length short story collection as well as get my freelance business off the ground. Like any journey, I have had my ups and downs and have had to alter my goal numerous times but feel confident in the work I will be able to get done in 2023. Thank you again for your support and keep coming back for my blog (and maybe a podcast!).

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Writer for Hire?

As I’ve written about many times, finding time to write is always tricky. With the 9-to-5 job, a family, and just the time needed to wind down for my sanity, having a solid block of time to work on my novels and short stories seems nearly impossible to achieve. Obviously, stating it as an impossibility…

Unforeseen Hiatus

Writing seems to exist in a predictable pattern for me, even when unintended. A burst of inspiration inevitably leads to a hiatus after I cross the halfway point with my work and alas, it occurred again. I haven’t posted in any of my spaces since May and for good reason, seeing as the income side…

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